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Western State Bank Expo Center


  1. 3 Stalls
  2. Arena
  3. Building Solutions Conference Room
  4. Dirt Floor
  5. Exhibit Hall
  6. Outdoor Exhibit Area (With Electricty)
The Western State Bank Expo Center is the newest facility in Ford County, and can host a wide range of events, such as:
  • Business Meetings
  • Equine Events
  • Equipment and Product Demonstrations
  • Farm and Ranch Shows
  • Livestock Sales and Shows
  • Private Parties
  • Training and Educational Seminars
The entire facility is equipped with wireless Internet access for your needs, and the concrete exhibit floor is heated to keep you warm in the winter months!

Exhibit Information

  • 3 Sections of 100 Feet by 125 Feet That Can Be Used for Livestock Holding and Stalls, or as Warm Up Areas
  • Arena: 244 Feet by 122 Feet
  • Building Solutions Conference Room: Seating for 75
  • Dirt Floor: 300 Feet by 250 Feet (76,500 Square Feet)
  • Exhibit Hall: 300 Feet by 300 Feet (90,000 Square Feet)
  • Outdoor Exhibit Area: 1 Million Square Feet With Electricity for Displays
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